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    Building a Pedestrian-Friendly City

    Nature has made Vancouver a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Especially in summer, I like walking along the English Bay during the blue hour, just to indulge in the enchanted beauty of clear blue sea around gorgeous architectures and ferries, with salubrious breezes, ample green spaces, and stunning mountain views. Not many metropolises in the world offer such a combination of landscapes to enjoy.
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    Camping Sustainably

    It’s finally Summer semester! The sun is shining and, whether you’re on a break from school or still taking a couple classes, camping is the perfect way to escape the city for a few days.  We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and what better way to explore British Columbia than to go camping? While you’re out in nature, it’s extremely important to be aware of your environmental impact. Here are six things you need to know to ensure your next camping trip is awesome, for both you and the environment!
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