Board of Directors

Embark is governed by a student-led Board of Directors. As per bylaw 4.2, there are 9 members of the Board of Directors, of which at least 5 must be undergraduate students and at least 1 must be a graduate student at Simon Fraser University. The Board of Directors manages or supervises the management of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of the society, and may exercise all of the powers of the society. Further, the Board ensures the proper keeping of financial records as well as the proper recording and storage of minutes. Members are welcome to attend all Board meetings.



As per bylaw 4.1(b), the Board of Directors may appoint committees to carry out specified functions. Four committees exist at present and are listed below. Committees typically meet once per month.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Relations Committee
  2. Finance & Audit Committee
  3. Director Development Committee
  4. Governance Committee
  5. Fund Development Committee

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Member Relations Committee
  3. Finance & Audit Committee
  4. Director Development Committee
  5. Governance Committee
  6. Fund Development Committee


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