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This post was written by Jeannie Wong, an undergraduate student studying in Communications. On her spare time, you'll find her making drinks at JJBean, or napping with her doggo.


As a New Year's Resolution this year, I encourage everyone to be more aware of the waste that they are creating. The challenge is to spread awareness that "reducing and reusing waste is a priority to managing waste sustainably". Our mission is to create a sustainable future for us and the ones we love; and in order to do that, we must start by being more conscious about the ways we consume and the waste we are producing. I understand that being completely zero waste is a big commitment, so I've gathered some tips, food for thought, and success stories to help spread awareness and motivation!

What does being "Zero Waste" mean and why is it important?

As a solution to our global landfill crisis, we must encourage others to approach consumer goods in a more durable, recyclable, and repairable way. For example, from acts such as choosing products that may last longer, to composting our food scraps, these acts can make a world of difference to our landfills. As methane and landfill sites account for 12% of total global methane and almost 5% of total greenhouse gas emissions, it is our responsibility to make sure these numbers do not grow within the next couple of years.

Click here to learn more about Vancouver’s Zero-Waste goals!


Ways to help reduce waste

- Stop buying clothes you don't need

- Use a reusable water bottle, grocery/ produce bags

- Start buying more bulk foods

- Use more natural alternatives for cleaning

- Don't ignore the compost or the recycling bin

- Donate or recycle your old electronics

-  Avoid individually wrapped items

- Reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive

- Shop second- hand


It's easier having a role model

I know that becoming zero- waste is no easy task. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals, this is why it is easier to have someone to look up to for inspiration and to help us stay on track.

You can visit Kathryn’s website here

Another option would be Youtube! Click to check out some Zero- waste bloggers for tips and tricks!


Zero Waste Inspiration

It's hard to know where to start. I've always found it easier to have the constant support from others in the community, so get acquainted with Vancouver's very own local Zero- Waste crew!

Journey to Zero Waste

Zero Waste Vancouver

Zero Waste Club Vancouver

The Soap Dispensary



On February 24th, Patagonia will be hosting a Zero Waste Pop-Up Shop, bringing together a bunch of local goodies such as veggies, cleaning supplies, and long- lasting plastic alternatives. For more information, go to



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