Welcoming the new Embark Board of Directors

Embark welcomes its new Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 year. Our new board is comprised of SFU undergraduate and graduate students, as well as one associate member. If you are interested in learning more about our governance structure, head over to our governance page.



Sophie Dodd

Board Chair

Sophie’s passion for sustainability began during her TREK experience where she learned about the fundamentals of living a life that has a minimal impact on the environment. Her passion has continued into her university studies as she is pursuing a degree in Sustainable Business and is the Chair of Embark.



Leah Yang


Leah is a second-year SFU student pursuing a degree in Population and Quantitative Health Sciences. Her growing interest in sustainability and environmental ethics prompted her to get involved with Embark in her first year, and she currently serves as secretary on Embark’s Board of Directors.



Christine Leclerc


Christine Leclerc lives, works and studies in Burnaby, B.C. / Unceded Coast Salish Territories. She is the author of Counterfeit and Oilywood and the recipient of a bpNichol Chapbook Award. Leclerc studies Physical Geography at SFU. She also serves on the boards of Embark Sustainability and Sierra Club B.C.



Jai Chiang

Governance Officer

Jai is a fourth-year student majoring in Communications. He discovered his passion for sustainability and environmental communication during his time as Embark’s Governance Officer. In his free time, Jai enjoys taking photos of people, walking along the beach, and finding new coffee shops.



Priscilla Lam

Member Relations Officer

Priscilla is a second-year business student. From spending time in urban gardens at a young age, Priscilla discovered the special relationship between people and nature. Fast forward, as Member Relations Officer, she hopes to help fellow SFU students find their own definition of what it means to be sustainable.



Julia Howley

External Relations Officer

Julia is a fifth-year Sustainable Business student, originally from St John's, Newfoundland. Her time spent surrounded by the natural beauty of both the east and west coasts instilled in her an appreciation for our environment and a desire to aid in ensuring it is sustained for future generations. Her studies, and my position with Embark offer opportunities for her to pursue this passion. Outside of the classroom, you'll find her running around on the trails and on the track. She is a member of both the SFU Track & Field and Cross Country teams, and have been lucky enough to travel all over the United States, racing for SFU. Whether it be academic or athletic, she is always looking for my next challenge and can't wait to see what adventures my position at Embark will bring!



Jon Boron

Fund Development Officer

Jonathan Boron is a PhD Student in the School of Resource and Environmental Management. His current research surrounds Indigenous land and resource governance, working to support communities dealing with resource development within their traditional territories. Sustainable community development and campus sustainability are topics that he's passionate about and his knowledge and experience provides a complementary and unique addition to the Embark Board of Directors.



Olivia Hui

Director Development Officer

Olivia is currently Embark’s only director who is also an Associate Member (she graduated!). As a former Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainability student, she believes businesses can create low carbon infrastructure and access to zero waste living. Olivia helps directors set personal goals and access the resources to set Embark’s strategy.


Joanna Rivera


Joanna is a Master of Public Health Candidate at SFU and she sits on Embark’s Board as the Director-at-Large. Joanna is passionate about environmental advocacy and social justice. As the Director-at-Large, she desires to advance Embark’s mission of inspiring sustainability leadership through programming and advocacy.


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