Welcoming Charmaine

DSC_5085_ee.jpgThis fall I was given the wonderful opportunity of becoming Embark’s new Design Coordinator. I came to SFU studying Communications and wanting to explore something more creative, minored in Interactive Arts and Technology. Although I’m not an environment student myself, sustainability has always been something I’ve been passionate about. 

This led me to a Communications & Graphic Design 8-month co-op opportunity with SFU’s Faculty of Environment, where I got to dive in and learn a ton of hands-on skills. This was immediately followed by a second opportunity at SFU’s Health & Counselling Services. For one year, I worked on a number of projects spanning from strategic marketing, events, communication and graphic design where I explored the potential impacts on students’ health & well-being, and used my skills to bridge the gap between health & wellness services, and students on campus.

Through these past work experiences, I became more passionate and determined to put my skills towards something that would make a positive impact on the people and the world around me. I feel incredibly lucky to have a chance at playing a small part in a great collective of passionate individuals and change-makers setting out to shift the scope of sustainability at SFU and beyond.



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