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Embark is an independent, student-led not-for-profit society based out of Simon Fraser University that empowers 30,000+ undergraduate and graduate student members to lead sustainable change through grants, training, and engagement. In 2010, undergraduate and graduate students voted to become members of Embark (previously Sustainable SFU) and contribute a small levy to the society.

What We're Proposing

Students currently contribute $2 as full-time students and $1 as part-time students per semester. Through our referendum question, we are asking for a one-time increase of $1.50 for full-time students and $0.75 for part-time students per semester, resulting in a per semester levy of $3.50 for full-time students and $1.75 for part-time students.

Based on your enrollment status, the cost would be:

Full-time: $7 for two semesters; $10.50 for three semesters
Part-time: $3.50 for two semesters; $5.25 for three semesters


The referendum that previously passed did not account for rising costs over time related to inflation and program expansion. As a result, despite Embark’s demonstrable value to the student body and our growing list of achievements, we are experiencing a lack of sufficient revenue which impacts our ability to provide programming, advocacy, and grants.

If the referendum question is approved, Embark will be able to make up for past and future losses due to inflation, expand our current programming to all SFU campuses, and continue to advance students’ sustainability interests on campus.


Where Your Money Will Go


How to Vote

Are you in favour of a one-time increase to the current semester-based levy, collected on behalf of Embark Sustainability Society, to $3.50 per full-time student and $1.75 per part-time student, for the purpose of supporting the society’s sustainability programming, campaigns, student grants, and capacity to represent student interests?

Graduate students, go to to vote November 29 (8 am) - December 1 (11:30 am).

THANK YOU to all undergrads who voted! The Embark referendum question on the SFSS ballot passed! 

November 29, 2016 at 8am - December 01, 2016
SFU Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey
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