Student Sustainability Vision


We are pleased to publish SFU's first ever Student Sustainability VisionThe Vision was the result of a four-month engagement process that gathered input from 524 students across SFU's three campuses. 


SFU’s current Sustainability Strategic Plan (2013-2016) is in its final year of implementation. SFU is leading a university-wide engagement process ("SFU 2021"), facilitated by the Sustainability Office, to build the next Sustainability Strategic Plan. This updated plan will be a longer-term vision for the university and provide priorities for SFU’s sustainability efforts over the next five years (2017-2021).

We decided to seize this opportunity to reflect student views in SFU's sustainability priorities. We engaged students from all campuses and backgrounds to generate a Student Sustainability Vision for the university. More than 500 students provided input through either in-person consultation, an online survey, or the Student Sustainability Summit.

The Student Sustainability Vision presented here is the result of this engagement initiative, and will be submitted to the university for consideration in the development of the next Sustainability Strategic Plan.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Vision, please let us know at

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