Urban Nestwork

The urban environments of the world continue to grow and encroach on the native habitat of species worldwide. The subsequent loss of available habitat has been a major contributing factor to one of the fastest extinction rates of plants and animals in recorded history. The loss of biodiversity worldwide will likely have a cascade of adverse consequences that directly impact the livelihoods of people. One such impact is the major decrease in abundance of important pollinator species such as birds and bees. Without the pollinating functions carried out by these various species, much of the important reproductive processes of natural and agricultural ecosystems will be compromised and could result in massive repercussions for the food security of people worldwide.

Recognizing these threats, the Urban Nestwork came together in hopes of reducing the ecological footprint of the city by creating urban bird habitat that invites native bird species back into our city. Various birdhouses can be bought by community members across the city and will be geo-referenced on our interactive "nestwork" map to monitor the growth of available habitat for birds.

In collaboration with Uproot (a local up-cycling business co-founded by RADIUS Fellows Dayna Stein and Kevin Kimoto), Urban Nestwork diverts cedar off-cuts from the waste stream and creates DIY birdhouse kits that build a connection between people and nature. Our hope is that the act of physically creating the birdhouse in combination with the sights and sounds of the nesting birds, participants will develop a visceral connection to our natural world while increasing the availability of urban nesting habitat. The Urban Nestwork team came together around our shared love for nature and our common sentiment that nature is neglected from the everyday life in urban settings.

Impact Goal 1

Improve the availability of viable nesting habitat for native birds in the City of Vancouver.

Impact Goal 2

Improve community connection to nature through stewardship of birdhouses and provision of educational material.


To learn more, please visit our Facebook pagewebsite, or follow us on Twitter @urban_nestwork.

Lets invite birds back into the city and our lives!


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