The Sustainable Wonders of the Spring Season

Written by Kate.

With the Winter season rapidly coming to an end, the Spring is about to arrive at our doorsteps in all its beauty. This is good news for those who are still keeping their fitness focused New Year’s resolution. As the hibernating period is almost over, the spring season is an excellent opportunity to go green, be sustainable and make healthy changes in one’s life.

One simple change to add on to your routine is to simply participate in outdoor activities and exercising on the open air instead of hitting the gym. This is an attainable task due to the abundance of hiking trails, parks and recreational areas in the Metro Vancouver area. Of course, getting unplugged from the devices and machines, including those at the gym, is a great way to conserve energy. What can be better than a bike ride to school, work or a hike up a beautiful trail on a sunny refreshing Spring morning?! 

Going green and eating green is especially doable during the Spring season. Eating locally grown vegetables and fruits is sustainable just by the reduced amounts of pesticides placed into the food – the ones that are detrimental to the Earth’s well-being! Locally-grown also means that less carbon monoxide was released into the atmosphere as the distance the produce travelled to reach the grocery store shelf is significantly lower. To leave your own blueprint, you may consider planting your own vegetables and flowers. The latter will be a pleasant addition to your home.

The most trivial sustainable option to consider is to open your windows. A whiff of fresh air will not only refresh your home, but also conserve the energy that would be otherwise used up through air conditioners. In addition, a cool atmosphere filled with Vitamin D and natural breeze will bring a sense of revitalization to your body.


Finally, shopping is a cornerstone of the beginning of Spring. Despite there being a multitude of brand new Spring/Summer fashion trends in stores, remember that repairing and reusing items acquired in previous years is a much better alternative for going green. In addition to helping the environment, you will also save yourself some money.


These simple ideas are a start to sustainable changes in your lifestyle. So go ahead and try those out!

Oh, and don’t forget that Earth Day is in April!

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