The Student Sustainability Summit

Written by Luc Bagneres

Fear-based scenarios around climate change aiming to guilt us into becoming more sustainable no longer work. Over and over, we’ve heard about the issues surrounding global warning. Frankly it’s tiring to have such anxiety. I’ve felt powerless about the topic of sustainability myself; none of my actions appeared to yield any real change and nobody else seemed to want to change either.  

Luckily, much of this has changed for me. Through volunteering with Embark Sustainability (formally entitled Sustainable SFU), I have discovered a different way to contribute to this issue; I have been able to voice my own views upon how SFU can become more sustainable.

However, my intention with this blog post is tell you about our Student Sustainability Summit on February 4th at SFU’s Burnaby Campus. The Student Sustainability Summit is an opportunity for students to engage in the process of SFU’s Sustainable Strategic Plan, a chance to bring their voice into the process of the document. From the student input in the summit, we would compile the ideas based off and develop them into a sustainability vision for SFU. This vision would then be submitted to the university for consideration as they develop the Sustainability Strategic Plan for 2021. 

I hope that many of you are attending the Student Sustainability Summit as it is an opportunity to voice what you believe a sustainable future for SFU could like. Indeed, SFU’s Sustainability Strategic Plan will provide priorities for SFU funding into sustainability efforts over the next five years (2017-2021). 

How can we improve the way in which we operate? How can we become a leading university in sustainability as a self-reliant and resilient example around the world? We are asking for your ideas of a sustainable future at SFU, a chance to actually make a difference through your act of contributing to the summit. For myself, I would like to see more innovative technologies such as smart grids and the computerization of energy monitoring in order to better communicate our energy consumption. What about you? 

Many of us are past the point of understanding that sustainability is needed paradigm shift in order for us to become resilient. The next step for many of us, including myself, is acting, and I believe there is no better way to do so than engaging in the Student Sustainability Summit happening very soon on Thursday, February 4th. Here’s a chance to be part of something that can positively impact our future for years to come. We hope to see you there!




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