Sustainability Peer Educator

Become a sustainability leader through the Sustainability Peer Education program. Implement major sustainability projects, work with a team of passionate individuals, and be provided with professional development opportunities along the way.


Sustainability Peer Educators specifically work to empower themselves and fellow students to make SFU a more sustainable community. We train Sustainability Peer Educators to be highly informed about sustainability at SFU and how students can lead and participate in planning, initiatives, and events. Your role as a Sustainability Peer has two components: the first is your role with Embark (student-led non-profit) and the SFU Sustainability Office, and the second component relates to your personal development.

Peer Education consists of seven program areas and over 120 student peer educators per term. All Peer Educators gain skills and knowledge through centralized training, and area specific training. Training is delivered in a blended format, with some components online and other components delivered in person.


Term Hours: 3-5 hours/week on average, including 2-hour weekly meetings
Application Deadline: March 6, 2017

Duties And Responsibilities

  • To co-create high impact projects that address SFU's sustainability challenges
  • Maintain a high level of familiarity with how sustainability is planned, funded, and delivered at SFU
  • Support and participate in sustainability related advocacy, events, and opportunities

Relating to your personal development, Peer Educators will:

  • Participate in a self-led learning plan to improve personal development goals
  • Meet three times per semester with your Peer Coach as a means of working toward your chosen personal development goal
  • Complete 2 online reflections per term relating to your goal setting.

Time Commitment

This role requires a minimum of 60 hours per term for the Fall & Spring terms; optional Summer term or additional terms. Sustainability Peer Educator hours will include regular meetings, ongoing training, event planning and organizing, research, and attendance at special events and awareness initiatives.

Mandatory Training:

  • 6 hours of online preparation for Core Training (content that all Peer Educators cover)
  • 3 hours of Core Peer Program Training (all programs): TBD
  • Sustainability Specific Training: TBD
  • 6 hours of additional training at Peer Education Professional Development day in January 2018

Required Meetings:

  • Regular meetings on Wednesdays at 4:30pm
  • Three 30 minute meetings with your Peer Coach, at mutually convenient times.


Benefits of being a Sustainability Peer Educator:

  • Develop knowledge about sustainability priorities, planning, and change to advance sustainability at SFU
  • Become an expert in consulting and advising students in taking action on campus
  • Become familiar with sustainability issues, including waste management, mobility, climate, local food
  • Build a network of sustainability contacts and resources to help make change in your community
  • Meet like-minded students, enhance teamwork skills, and model sustainable behaviour and leadership
  • Further develop employable and impactful skills through workshops and other training

Benefits of being a part of the Peer Education Program:

  • Receive coaching from your Peer Coach to support your personal and professional development.
  • Opportunity to attend free professional development workshops such as the Passport to Leadership suite of programs
  • Recognition of your involvement on the Co-curricular Record and at the SFU Volunteer Appreciation Gala.


  • Current SFU Student in Good Academic Standing (min. GPA 2.0)
  • Have a passion for sustainability
  • Be comfortable working as part of a team and working with diverse groups
  • Have good time management skills and be able to balance academic commitments with the expectations of the Peer Educator role
  • Have ready access to email and the ability to respond in a timely manner for communication among team members


Apply through the Student Services website and myInvolvementHave your cover letter and resume ready before starting the application process. Please make sure to explain what interests you about sustainability as well as this position.

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