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SFU’s current Sustainability Strategic Plan (2013-2016) is entering its last year of implementation. Between Fall 2015 and Fall 2016, SFU will lead a university-wide engagement process ("SFU 2021"), facilitated by the Sustainability Office, to build the next Strategic Plan. The next Strategic Plan will be a longer-term vision for the university, and will provide priorities for SFU’s sustainability efforts over the next five years (2017-2021) to achieve that longer-term vision.

We are seizing this opportunity to reflect student views in SFU's sustainability priorities. We are engaging students from all campuses and backgrounds to generate a student sustainability vision for the university. The engagement process will culminate in a half-day Student Sustainability Summit (an SFU 2021 partner event), hosted February 4, 2016 from 1 to 6 pm, where students will get together to create a detailed sustainability vision for SFU. The output of the Summit and engagement process will be submitted to the university for consideration in the development of the next Sustainability Strategic Plan.

UPDATE: The Summit was featured in stories by SFU and The Peak.

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The Process

In order to encapsulate the ideas and opinions of SFU's student body, our engagement process consists of three key stages:


1.  The Vision Statement

  • Interact with the student body in person across SFU's three campuses to draft a sustainability vision statement that explains what a sustainable SFU looks like
  • Acquire feedback on the draft vision statement and solicit student priorities via an online survey, and revise the vision statement as needed

2.  The Student Sustainability Summit

  • Host a half-day Summit, bringing together a diverse group of students and student leaders that represent the student body
  • Develop descriptions of what success would look like in key sustainability themes, goal statements that will be used to achieve the Student Sustainability Vision and descriptions of success

3.  The Submission

  • Create the final report, "SFU in 2021: A Student Sustainability Vision", that combines the outputs of the engagement process into a succinct document that outlines the student vision of what a sustainable SFU campus looks like in the year 2021
  • Submit the report to SFU for consideration in the university's next Sustainability Strategy. The report will be considered along with faculty and staff input.

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