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How Do We Use Water?

Typical household water use patterns indicate that 50% of our water is used in toilets and household washing machines. The remainder is used in faucets, showers, leaks, baths and dishwashers.


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So…What Can I Do?

Here are some EASY tips for saving water at home

  1. Don’t flush garbage down the toilet!

Why waste 10L to flush a cigarette butt or a Kleenex?

  1. Take Shorter Showers

A shower uses 8L/minute. Turn off the water while you are soaping up and turn it back on to rinse yourself.

  1. Turn off the Faucet While Brushing
  1. Rinse your Razor using less water

Run a few inches of water into the sink and rinse your razor instead of leaving the water running while shaving.

  1. FILL the Dishwasher or the Washing Machine before Use

Stop running partial loads.

  1. Rinse your veggies using less water

Fill a bowl with water and rinse your greens in that instead of under running water.

  1. Check For Leaks

Got a dripping shower?

And think outside the house, too. Stop washing your car and hosing down your deck. Also check outdoor water fixtures for signs of leaking.

You Are Part of Larger System

Our local watersheds are natural assets which also support old growth forest, wildlife and fish.


Capilano Watershed

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The quality of our watersheds impact our health through direct access to clean water. According to Metro Vancouver, our watersheds also contribute significantly to clean soil and air in the region.

Cultural Shift

As we have seen in California #droughtshaming, Vancouverites have taken to social media to out their water-wasting neighbours.


There have also been increased Vancouver water snitch calls to 311, including 780 complaints during the first week of July! So…how will you deal with water wasting when you see it?

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