Soap n' Stories

Purpose: Create a sense of community, a unique income opportunity and skills development among impoverished women.

Description: Partnering with a well-established non-profit to pilot this program, I will recruit a group of women to attend soap making skills-training workshops leading to the sale of these soaps. As the group of women starts to develop relationships with each other, I will work with them to develop their personal stories, which they will brand their soaps with after making them. The soap will be sold in Farmers Markets. Participants will be asked to stay on as mentors for the next cohort of participants in this program and a portion of the profit will go back to fund this project.


  • participants will gain skills in soap-making, improve self-confidence, increase their social capital and receive a portion of the profit from soap-making
  • sustainable (skills & fund)
  • community will gain awareness of social issues occurring locally

Impact Goal 1: Improved social capital among participants
A pre-test/post-test will be conducted among the participants by myself using a standardized questionnaire (questions may touch upon: # of close friends, benefits of the programs, trust & cooperation, social cohesion within the group)

Impact Goal 2: The profit gained from the project will increase by 2-fold
($ gained through soap-selling - $ from grant) / ($ from grant)

This is a pilot project and we are hoping to expand and scale-up while learning from this pilot project's success and challenges.


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