Slow Streets: Re-Imagining Burnaby Heights

In collaboration with the Burnaby Heights Merchants Association, our group, "Slow Streets" will take the task of observing street behaviour, habits, and commercial activity in order to promote strategies that can better Hastings Street (IE street design change).

When it comes to spending money at businesses is is people on food, not cars that are shopping. The upcoming opening on the Evergreen Line presents an opportunity to create a comfortable sidewalk environment that will reinvigorate vitality and invite pedestrians to Hastings Street. The transit expansion should direct commuters away from Hastings Street, creating the potential to be friendlier for people on foot or bike. This is also an opportunity to assist the small businesses on Hastings Street that currently lose potential customers due to an uninviting sidewalk experience.

Goal 1: Engage with decision makers in Metro Vancouver, Burnaby, and Translink
We will forward our report to relevant stakeholders affected by this analysis. Furthermore, we will conduct presentations with The City of Burnaby Planners, Translink, Burnaby Merchants Association, and Metro Vancouver.

Goal 2: Produce a robust data set illustrating the street life on the Heights
Through our research we will measure the loudness of the street relative to levels that affect the comfort of pedestrians, and how activity levels of businesses are affected during peak traffic hours as well. Our research will also measure how many vehicles are violating the HOV lanes occupancy rules. The volumes of violations will be used to propose various recommendations to encourage more adherence which can reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

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