Embark reacts to the revived discussion on the Burnaby Mountain gondola project

BURNABY, BC — Dima Lavrentyev, Member Relations Officer of Embark Sustainability Society, made the following statement in response to SFU’s renewed push for the Burnaby Mountain gondola:

“Embark is pleased to see that the Burnaby Mountain gondola project is being revived and discussed.

“Growing demand for fast and regular transportation to and from SFU puts considerable pressure on the existing transit system – and with the number of students reaching the peak capacity of buses, the gondola would be a timely and preferred alternative to the conventional bus system.

“The gondola will not only provide fast, convenient and improved service but will also become a sustainable travel option for students, faculty, staff and residents of the Burnaby Mountain. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 7,100 tonnes a year, limit air pollution, and allow the redeployment of buses to improve service. The gondola will also have an increased capacity to transport bikes – making cycling even more attractive for community members.

“The gondola will bring considerable benefits to the community. We encourage all parties to support this project and the necessary transition to a sustainable and low carbon transportation system.”



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