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Summit brings students together to create a Student Sustainability Vision for SFU

Burnaby, BC (January 5, 2016) -- On February 4, Embark (SFU’s student sustainability society) will be empowering students by hosting the first ever Student Sustainability Summit. The Summit will unite students from all campuses to create a Student Sustainability Vision for SFU. The Vision will detail what students would like a future sustainable SFU to look like, and will identify specific goals that will help SFU achieve that future.

The Summit is a unique opportunity for students to be engaged members of the SFU community. The university’s current Sustainability Strategic Plan (SSP) is entering its final year (2013-2016) and SFU’s Sustainability Office is facilitating a university-wide engagement process (dubbed “SFU 2021”) to create the next SSP. This new plan will commit the university to a longer-term vision by establishing sustainability priorities for the university over a five year period (2017-2021). The Summit will complement SFU 2021 as a partner event, and the Student Sustainability Vision it produces will be submitted to the university for consideration in the next SSP.

The Summit aims to attract student participants from across the mosaic of academic disciplines and student societies at SFU. Whether from biology or business, students can contribute their thoughts and ideas on sustainability.

“We need to hear from a diversity of students to ensure we create a Vision that is representative of the student body,” said Josh Cairns, Executive Director of Embark. “Sustainability is a concept that can mean different things to different people. That’s why we are taking an open and inclusive approach to the Summit.”

The engagement process for the Summit began in November 2015, when Embark’s team tabled at all three campuses to solicit student responses to the question “what does sustainability at SFU look like?” Students can be now involved by either completing an online survey to share their thoughts on sustainability priorities, or by applying to attend the Summit itself.

Students should visit to find out more.

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