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Social Innovation Seed Fund

A Trip to the Future: SFU 100th Celebration

Imagining a future when divestment has been realized by engaging students on campus with interactive activities, educational tabling, and more.

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Studying Vancouver's Public Transit

A study on the problems of bus bunching and pass-ups that highlights the need for further research in Vancouver to track traffic patterns and provide solutions.

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Pythagorean Orchard

An edible landscaping experiment on campus that aims to act as a model for future sustainable landscape architecture projects and contribute to SFU's social community.

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A youth-led organization empowering youth to influence, shape, and co-create their cities.

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Butt Out Vancouver

Aims to implement a cigarette waste recycling program in the Greater Vancouver Area, while encouraging responsible consumer habits in order to protect our environment. 

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Masala Chai Mondays

A pilot webseries where interesting and thoughtful changemakers are interviewed overly freshly homemade chai.

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Urban Nestwork

Diverting cedar off-cuts from the waste stream to DIY birdhouse kits that build a connection between people and nature, in collaboration with Uproot. 

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Kuelii Smart Design

Making living more affordable using smart, efficient, and modern technology.

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Ophtalight Digital Solutions

Allows people to keep their vision by making basic eye care more accessible while providing eye care professionals with advanced mobile health tools that will allow an increase in the frequency, speed, and profitability of eye exams.

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Love & Life After HIV 

SFU researchers and community activists are striving to normalize sex and intimacy for women after HIV through a social movement that supports their sexual health and rights.

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As We Are: style strategies & stories to navigate health communities

A style community combines peer mentorship, storytelling, and impactful collaborations to co-create resources that alleviate shared symptoms and side effects of diseases, disabilities, and chronic pain. 

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Artemis Aerial Imaging

By using fixed-wing UAV technology, farmers can optimize growth on their land through the reduction of required farming resources and increased global competitiveness. 

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Multicultural Understanding Initiative 

Enhancing multicultural understanding through active community engagement and online repositories for translation, historical events, and cultural commonalities. 

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SFU Sustainability Case Competition

Involving grad students from various schools, the competition aims to enhance visibility of sustainability issues, promote SFU, and highlight the west coast as a leader in solving sustainability issues.

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Slow Streets: Re-imagining Burnaby Heights

By observing street behaviour, habits, and commercial activity in order to promote strategies that can better Hastings Street, "Slow Streets" aims to engage local decision makers and produce valuable data on the area.

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Soap n' Stories

In partnership with a non-profit organization, this project will aim to build community while providing an opportunity for women with low-income to gain soap-making skills and share their stories. 

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Social Enterprise Network BC

By identifying and gathering information about social enterprises in BC, a database will analyze connections and build partnerships for those with high material deprivation.

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Sustainable Community Grants

Spring 2016
  • SFU 100th Celebration
  • Edible Landscaping
Fall 2015
  • Recipes for Bus Pass-ups: A Computational Approach 
  • Lunch & Learn Seminar Series
  • SFU Spring Swap
  • Butt Out SFU
Summer 2015
  • Solar Power Demonstrator
  • Ethnorobotanist
Spring 2015
  • No Farmed Salmon SFU
  • Food Workshops (Starfish Canada)
  • Face the Change SFU
  • SFU350: Reinvest in Our Future
  • Historical Ecology: The Next Generation (Conference)
  • City Conversations: Student Engagement and Transportation Forum
Fall 2014
  • REPSA Lunch n' Learn Seminar Series
  • Hunger Actions- Environmental Sustainability Project
  • Banner Bags
  • Sustainable Collective
Summer 2014
  • SFU Food Awareness Week
  • Student Conference on Environmental and Sustainability (Starfish Canada)
  • CANstruction SFU
Spring 2014
  • Burke Mountain Scout Cabin Eco Energy Project
  • Fossil Fools Event
Fall 2013
  • Divest SFU
  • CitizenGeoViz
  • Sustainable Collective
Spring 2013
  • Truthfool
  • Changemaker Showcase
  • Community Kitchen
  • Canstruction SFU
  • Budwinder
  • Armour the Trees

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