Monday Veggie Challenge


Ever heard of Meatless Mondays? We have partnered with Dining Services on Burnaby campus to create SFU's own version of the global campaign- the Monday Veggie Challenge!

The Challenge aims to raise awareness on the impact of meat consumption on our planet and our health, while encouraging the SFU community to choose vegetarian options one day a week.


Eating a meat-heavy diet can greatly impact on the health of our planet. Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined. If everyone went meatless one day a week, the impact would be equivalent to taking 240 millions cars off the road each year. 

Choosing plant-based alternatives can also have a significant effect on personal health as well. Consuming less meat has been linked to reducing the risk of preventable health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure & cholesterol, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Take the Challenge!


1. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram or Twitter enjoying a vegetarian meal on campus
2. Hashtag #SFUVeggieChallenge 
3. Follow & tag @EmbarkSustainability in your post

Embark runs social media contests for the challenge every Fall semester! Check back to see what prizes are in store.

Interested in learning more about the local Meatless Monday movement? Find out who's involved and how you can make an impact with the Vancouver Humane Society.

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