Improving Mobility

Embark plays a critical role as a member of SFU's Sustainable Mobility Advisory Committee (SMAC) and Cycling Subcommittee. By sitting on these committees, we are able to advocate for and represent student interests that pertain to transportation and mobility.

To further the interests of students, Embark:

  • Launched a survey (n=437) that sampled the perceptions and preferences that SFU staff, faculty, and students held regarding cycling and produced a report detailing the results. We found a significant proportion of community members want to cycle more to and from SFU, but face barriers, including a lack of bike storage facilities and inadequate lighting on cycling routes;
  • Initiated the process at the Cycling Subcommittee and SMAC to address the aforementioned barriers. We are now exploring options for secure bike storage facilities, and have approached the City of Burnaby to address inadequacies on Burnaby Mountain Parkway (see letter to Mayor Corrigan and Council here);
  • Has been working with various car share companies to expand their services to SFU Burnaby and Surrey. We are excited to announce that, as of June 2016, Evo Car Share has expanded their services to SFU Burnaby.
  • Advocated for a "Yes" referendum vote to improve transportation infrastructure for students throughout the region through the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition;


Mobility Events


  • Possibility of Transit Strike in Metro Vancouver: In late April, 2016, Bus and SeaBus operators voted in favour of a strike. Although no strike notice has been given, we are working to ensure there are programs in place that can help students get to and from SFU in the event that a strike happens.

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