Meet Nav, Embark's Grants Coordinator!



Since the fall semester, I have been working with the wonderful team at Embark as the Grants Coordinator. I am currently a Master’s of Public Health candidate at SFU. I am mainly interested in understanding how we can promote health and wellbeing on an international level. I am constantly inspired to learn from grassroots organizations and truly understand what sustainable community development looks like from the bottom-up.

Prior to starting my graduate program, I worked with incredible grassroots organizations from all over the world. Since 2011, I have worked with numerous NGOs in Nepal focusing on rural water and sanitation projects. Further, my work in Canada has focused on community belonging and wellbeing amongst immigrant populations, where I have had the opportunity to collaborate with grassroots organizations in the Interior of BC. From these experiences, I have learned that sustainable development looks different in every part of the world.

It has been an incredible experience working with Embark to encourage our student body to draft and implement sustainable and innovative solutions. Every time we have an upcoming deadline, I am always excited to see how SFU students are actively engaging to make our community a better place.


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