Meet Christian, Embark's Sustainability Project Coordinator

Christian_Headshot.jpgThis year I am excited to be working alongside the peer program at Embark SFU as the Sustainability Project Coordinator. Currently, I am in my final year of my Political Science degree. Throughout my studies and work in the broader student movement, I have been able to combine my passion and activism for social justice, sustainability, and public policy throughout my post-secondary career.

Prior to my time at SFU, I enjoyed many victories in sustainable and social justice activism through my work at Vancouver Community College for the better part of 5 years. In this setting, I had the opportunity to work alongside senior administration while connecting students to broader social and sustainability focused campaigns. Notably working alongside the College to become the first post-secondary institution in BC and first in Metro Vancouver to officially ban the sale of bottled water on campus. Working alongside students and the College we were also able to expand culinary curriculum with a focus on providing affordable schooling across both campuses.

Beyond the student movement, my next field of passion is public policy. I am particularly interested in the role cities can play in creating sustainable and innovative policy solutions under the backdrop of social equity. Mainly in the development of public transport, housing, and the development of inclusive communities.

I am incredibly excited to work with the sustainability peers this year and be able to draw upon my previous experiences and create a positive impact on the campus. Each week gives an opportunity to be a part of a greater movement towards sustainability on campus while being able to inspire the peers and see them grow and become change makers.



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