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Many houses in the Lower Mainland, and across North America, are designed for winter in mind. Thus, they’re built to hold in heat requiring either time or use of artificial means to cool after a hot summer day. We noticed in many locations, in the late afternoon and early evening, outdoor temperatures fall very quickly. Instead of using power hungry and expensive air conditioning systems that require complex installations, our design, mounting to existing windows, will automatically cool the house in the evening by drawing in refreshing outdoor air.

The vision for Kuelii Smart Fan is to make living more comfortable using smart, efficient, and modern technology. We see smart homes as the future of living, and we’re making the products of tomorrow to share with the world today. Our mission is to bring affordable and user friendly automation to the home and to enhance people’s connection with technology. 

Impact Goal 1

Power Efficiency: 14.4 Watt Max Power Draw. Our goal is to draw less than 75mA at when the device is on but not operating and 1.2A of maximum current draw meaning the Smart Fan has a maximum of 14.4 watt power draw. Compared to a small 300W air conditioner unit, the fan is using only 5% of the power when fully functional. We will be measuring our power efficiency from the wall outlet and comparing it to similar cooling solutions such as air conditioners as well as normal fans. We plan to use precision multi-meters to measure instantons power consumption and the P4400 Kill A Watt Load Meter to monitor power consumption over time.

Impact Goal 2

Affordability & Simplicity. We expect our fan to require no tools for installation and cost less than $100 to buy. By pricing the device in an affordable bracket our solution will allow more people to use this solution instead of more power hungry solutions. Our goal is to target the middle income market with the goal of keeping the price to a minimum. The simplicity of installation will allow people with restrictions such as strict rental agreements to use our device as it would not require modification to existing house structures.

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