I’m Graduating. Can Embark come with me?

Congratulations, graduating members!

You made it through everything from papers to all-nighters to nail-biting finals. You can be proud of everything you’ve achieved. Finishing university isn’t easy, but you hung on and now you’re here.

I graduate with you on June 13th, but I’m not ready to leave Embark. In my four years of volunteering, I found that Embark has been a place for me to foster personal connections with staff and other volunteers who share my sustainability interests. No matter whether I was an occasional or regular volunteer, board member, or mere passerby throughout my years as an SFU student, I always felt welcomed and involved in collective goals to increase campus sustainability.

There’s good news! Graduating from SFU doesn’t mean that your connection to SFU and to sustainability has to end. For me, I’ll be staying on at Embark as an Associate Member.

Life as an Associate Member will be very similar to that of a regular SFU student member. As a Sustainability Peer Educator, I created an idea to implement a rentable tumbler program, TumblerShare, with my group of peers. Tumblershare was awarded Social Innovation Seed Funding, a grant co-run by Embark and RADIUS, which has helped us grow closer to actualizing the program. As an Associate Member, you would still be eligible to apply for and possibly receive this same funding. I’ll miss regularly attending Embark’s weekly programs, but as an Associate Member, I can still attend events that fit my work schedule, especially the ones that take place after 5 pm including Sustainability Career Nights and Community Kitchen events. In the past few years, we’ve had several events that have changed my world perspective, such as this spring’s Investing Powerfully event, where a panel of speakers explored the links between reconciliation, sustainability, and finance.

As an Associate Member, I am also able to vote at Embark’s Annual General Meeting and run for a position on the Board of Directors. Now, as the current Director Development Officer, I am able to support my fellow directors in their personal and professional development. Only through my current Associate Membership status am I able to sustain this position and participate in rewarding organizational decision-making.

I’m happy to say that Embark’s membership fees are quite reasonable for a new graduate. Typically the Associate Membership fee for new graduates is $10 within the first 12 months of graduating. However, I’ll pay only $5 thanks to Embark’s convocation promotion. This price will only be available until the end of June!


I’ll see you during Convocation Week this June! If you’d like to stay a part of the Embark family, please visit our Associate Membership page, and I’ll see you at an upcoming Embark event.

Best of luck!

Olivia, Director Development Officer and Embark Associate Member

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