Harvest Box FAQ

Have a question about our Harvest Box program? Find an answer here! If you are unable to find an answer to your question, send us an email at info@embarksustainability.org

Do I need to be a student to purchase a Harvest Box?


Of course not! We encourage anyone to order a Harvest Box and support the program. However, please not that we only distribute at SFU Burnaby and SFU Vancouver -- so you will be required to pick up at one of these two campuses.

Can I pay using cash?


Unfortunately, no. We only accept payment via paypal or credit card. No other forms of payment are accepted (e.g. cash or cheque).

Is the produce local?


The Value Box contains several varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit, and is as local as possible - but imported items may be included when local is not available.

The Local Box contains local vegetables and fruit sourced from British Columbia farmers and suppliers. 

Both boxes help to support your community with the proceeds going to help people in need.

Is the produce organic or pesticide free?


While the program aims to source the best possible produce, we cannot guarantee that all of the produce in your box is pesticide-free or organic. Help on Wheels (a local charity) sources the produce and works hard to keep it as affordable as possible for you to purchase. Many growers cannot afford organic certification and therefore do not pursue such a designation -- even if they maintain organic practices.

Can I pick up my box outside of distribution hours?


We do not have storage facilities for the produce, so we cannot hold boxes outside of the distribution time. We have a strict no-refund policy since all boxes are pre-ordered. If you discover that you will be unable to pick up your box during the distribution period, you can arrange for someone else to pick up your box on your behalf. If you cannot find someone else, email harvestbox@embarksustainability.org as soon as possible so the issue can be sorted out.

How much produce is contained in one box?


Both the Value and the Local Box contain about 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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