A new chapter at SFU: Harvest Box ends, Food Recovery begins

There are some big changes happening to Embark's food programming. Unfortunately, the charity that coordinates the Harvest Box program throughout the region has terminated the program as it has become uneconomical for them to operate. But fear not – we have a new food program ready to take its place at SFU! 
We would like to thank all of our volunteers and customers for your support and enthusiasm for the Harvest Box program throughout the years. Your support was instrumental in advancing food sustainability, security, and healthy eating in the SFU community. We appreciate your past support for our programs, and we’re excited to soon embark upon a new chapter of our food programming. 
In the interest of continuing to offer high-impact, food-focused initiatives for the SFU community, we have been piloting a program that involves the recovery and redistribution of edible produce from major grocers on or near SFU campuses. The produce we collect would otherwise be discarded by the grocers due to visual imperfections; we then redistribute it to the university community at specific and consistent dates and times, so that we can get the food to those who want or need it. The response from the university community has been incredible thus far, and we can't wait for the official launch this summer. Stay tuned for updates!
Please let us know if you have any questions, as we would be happy to answer them. Otherwise, let's get excited for the Food Recovery Program!

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