Happy Waste Reduction Week

Written by Renmart Buhay, a Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology student. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast and nature lover.

Did you know that this week marks Waste Reduction Week in Canada? 

From October 19 to 25 this national event aims to empower Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. I think that this initiative is a great way to motivate many of us to be more mindful of our attitudes and actions regarding waste. Considering that Canada produces between 21 to 25 million tonnes of waste annually it is important for us to be conscious of our consumption and production of waste. Though this event may be only a week long, I challenge us students to be more educated and active in reducing waste in our schools and communities throughout the year. For this reason, I want to share some resources to give you some ideas of how you can practise zero waste.

The Recycling Council of British Columbia provides a lot of resources and guides for the general public on how to get involved in Waste Reduction Week.  Each day of this week, they provide tips from tackling food waste, to waste proofing your kitchen to composting organic waste. Plus, they provide great easy-to-read guides on recycling, food management and EPR programs for schools, businesses and municipalities.

For SFU students wanting to help the zero waste movement in our university, the easiest thing we can do is to educate ourselves on how to use the 4 stream zero waste stations. We can accomplish this by following the rule of “Stop. Think. Sort.” Simply take the time to read the signs and sort your waste in the correct manner. The SFU Sustainability Office has more information on the process.

Lastly, I want to share a fantastic initiative and community event you can take part in called Repairs MatterThis is a Vancouver based initiative that holds monthly repair workshops where people can bring their broken items. individuals can learn how to fix things by connecting with volunteer fixers. They also host storytelling nights where speakers share their repairing experiences. I feel that this zero waste initiative is especially inspiring because it helps build community through repair. Their manifesto can be summed up in this quote “repair saves you money, connects you to people and inspires your creativity.” If you can attend one of their events, you will be personally empowered and help save good things from ending up in the landfill.

So SFU students, lets all do our part to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and be part of the positive zero waste movements happening across Canada. Happy Waste Reduction Week!

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