Food Systems Change

We all care about food. Whether we are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions, food security and hunger, or even land use, food is intrinsically linked with society. 

That's why we run several sustainable food initiatives at SFU. We believe by intervening at the university level, we can create a wave of momentum that reverberates into surrounding communities. 

Ongoing Programs

  • Learning Garden: We operate a large Learning Garden at SFU Burnaby, where the university community can tend their own plots, be supported by our Garden Coordinator, and attend workshops.
  • Food Rescue Program: We have launched a food recovery program where we collect produce destined for disposal (due to visual imperfections) and redistribute it to the university community and those in need.
  • Community Kitchen: Students come together to cook a 4-course vegetarian meal, using produce harvested from the Learning Garden.
  • Monday Veggie Challenge: We are raising awareness on the impact of meat consumption on our planet and our health, while encouraging the SFU community to choose vegetarian options one day a week.

Past Initiatives

  • Harvest Box:  We supported local farmers by providing students with boxes of fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Eat Think Vote: As part of a series of food events across the country, we engaged students and local candidates in the Fall 2015 federal election on making a national food policy a reality in Canada.
  • Food Education Days: With an expo day, lunch & learn, and film screening, we encouraged SFU students to learn more about current issues of food access and security, food of the future, local food production, personal health, and other food related topics. 

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