Evo Car Sharing has come to SFU

Hannah Jensen is an Environmental Science student from North Vancouver. When she isnt at SFU, youll find her working as a lifeguard, training for triathlons, or going on adventures in the outdoors.

For many students, owning a car is out of the question. Buying one is expensive enough, not to mention the never ending cost of insurance, gas and maintenance. Fortunately, the rise of car sharing companies in the last few years has opened new possibilities for affordable transportation.

One such company, Evo, has recently expanded their operations to include SFU. Evo’s Home Zone extends from 49th Avenue to the City of North Vancouver, and from UBC to Boundary Road. SFU has been added as a satellite zone, along with YVR, Metrotown, Grouse Mountain, Capilano University, and BCIT. Evo cars can be located using their app, then picked up and dropped off anywhere within these zones.



Image taken from: https://evo.ca


Evo fun facts:

-    Evo has 750 fully hybrid Toyota Prius cars in their fleet

-    Each car includes a bike rack and a ski/snowboard rack

-    Vehicles have enough room to seat 5 people

-    Pay $0.41/minute, $14.99/hour, or $89.99 for a full day (plus tax)

-    You don't have to pay the one time registration fee ($35) if you are a BCAA member

-    Parking is free in Evo designated spots anywhere, as well as residential and permit only spots within the Home Zone


With that in mind, Evo and other car sharing services are an easy way for students and Vancouver residents to avoid buying their own vehicles. When you own your own car, it is easy to drive everywhere because it is convenient. When you use Evo, you have to pay for your usage based on driving time, which may encourages users to drive less, reducing their environmental impact. 

Evo would be a great option for carpooling to SFU, as students can split the cost of transportation. For students who usually take public transit to school, becoming a member of a car sharing company eliminates the need to own a car for weekend adventures and trips on the breaks.

Other non-environment related (but still awesome perks) of Evo:

-    It offers you a way to escape rainy-day transiting

-    When your mom takes the family car, you are not stranded! You can take Evo instead.

-    When you and your friends have a night out downtown, you can drive there in an Evo car, park it, then take a taxi home. No DD needed!

In September, look for Evo at events around campus. They will be offering free membership and driving credits to students!


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