Embark reacts to SFU's new biomass plant

BURNABY — Josh Cairns, executive director of Embark Sustainability Society, made the following statement in response to SFU’s announcement of its new biomass plant:

“We are pleased to see the university move forward on its commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The new Central Energy Plant (CEP) will replace an outdated, emission-intensive natural gas heating system with a modern, low carbon solution. The CEP will reduce SFU’s greenhouse gas emissions by 69 percent – a significant reduction that warrants celebration from the university and wider community.

“As a major institution, SFU is in a unique position to shape public discourse. Major investments in low carbon technologies, such as the CEP, set a positive example for tomorrow’s leaders and encourage others to undertake similar initiatives. These investments help speed up the necessary transition to a clean energy future.

“We encourage the university to build off this milestone and continue to undertake bold, innovative actions – by considering everything from fossil fuel divestment to the proposed gondola. If it does, SFU will be well-positioned to remain a public-sector leader for defending our climate.”

Olivia Hui, External Relations Officer
Josh Cairns, Executive Director
(778) 782 4209

New biomass plant to reduce SFU greenhouse gas emissions – SFU News

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