University Divestment

We're calling on SFU to end its investments in fossil fuels.

Investment in the fossil fuel industry is socially irresponsible. There is overwhelming evidence around the danger of burning fossil fuels, and supported by research and public engagement from Simon Fraser University.

A commitment to preventing catastrophic, irreversible climate change requires that most proven fossil fuel reserves stay in the ground. This means that oil, gas, coal and pipeline companies are alarmingly overvalued.

Embark is asking Simon Fraser University to align their investment decisions with climate science and their decision to be a signatory of the Paris Pledge. By launching the Divest SFU campaign, we are urging the University to:

  1. Immediately freeze all new investment in fossil fuel companies.
  2. Fully end ownership of these companies within five years.
  3. Disclose the potential greenhouse gas emissions in SFU’s investments.

If the University does not change its investment strategy, it will find itself with a portfolio of financially worthless fossil fuel assets. This would jeopardize SFU’s academic mission and its research and education on climate change, clean energy, and public health.

We are calling on students, staff, faculty, and alumni to join the Divest SFU campaign and urge SFU to get out of the business of climate change.

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  • Student Societies: Simon Fraser Student Society, Simon Fraser Graduate Student Society, Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group
  • SFU 350
  • SFU Departments: SFU Urban Studies, SFU School of Resource and Environmental Management
  • Departmental Student Associations: Resource and Environmental Management Students’ Union, Environmental Science Students Union, Planning Students Association, Sociology and Anthropology Students’ Union,
  • On November 7th, 2013, the SFU Faculty Association “overwhelmingly” voted to develop a fossil free pension fund option.
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