Community Kitchen


What is a Community Kitchen?

A free and low-barrier gathering space where students come together to cook and enjoy a four-course vegetarian or vegan meal over a three-hour period.

Why does Embark host Community Kitchen?

Embark is dedicated towards creating spaces that nurture conversations about sustainability and improving our food systems. Community Kitchen provides secure setting where participants can learn to prepare vegetarian or vegan meals. The events also rely on a social thread that strives to be open and accepting. In addition, the recipes integrate fresh organic produce from our Learning Garden, connecting the different parts of a sustainable food system.

What is the importance of Community Kitchen themes?

Each Community Kitchen has a unique theme that facilitates opportunities for participants to explore, learn about, and reflect on different food cultures and challenges within our food systems.

How are the themes incorporated into the Community Kitchen?

We start with a brief introduction on the theme and allow participants shape and exchange ideas, opinions and values on any particular theme. Themes range from cultural celebrations to exploring social issues.

What is your role as a participant?

You will have the opportunity to prepare meals with fellow participants and enjoy them together.

Why should you participate?

Community Kitchen strives to address issues of food security and food accessibility. You will also have the chance to meet new people and improve your cooking abilities!

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