CityHive is a youth-led organization empowering youth to influence, shape, and co-create their cities. Our three pillars are advocacy, education, and empowerment. We will advocate for the inclusion of youth in planning decisions in cities, organizations and institutions. We will educate and empower youth in getting involved in civic issues. We envision a Vancouver where youth are fully engaged in the planning, design and creation of their cities. CityHive will be the go-to-convenor for youth on urban issues in the city.

We are currently in Phase 1 of CityHive. We have brought this project idea through several programs including the IMPACT! Champions Training 2015 in Vancouver and Next Up Spring Intensive 2016 to pitch and improve the project. Based on the feedback from our peers we are moving forward in hosting ideas jams, focus groups and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders with whom we are hoping to collaborate and develop partnerships. Our main focus is to build support and develop partnerships with key city influencers for our two projects: Vancouver Youth Council and City School. This grant will enable us to build a website, conduct focus groups, idea jams and other events to start building support and momentum for this project. This is the first phase of the project, this grant will be crucial to amplifying the story of our work, developing the project and building support.

Impact Goal 1

We envision building a group of engaged youth who are passionate about urban issues, to lead and support CityHive initiatives by identifying challenges and opportunities in the city. This type of youth organization on urban issues does not currently exist at SFU or in the broader community and as a result youth are often excluded from city decision-making.

Impact Goal 2

We envision a Vancouver where youth contribute to the planning, design and creation of their cities through a City School, a hands-on workshop series for high school students to learn about civic issues. High schools students are taught about the Canadian federal and provincial government in Socials class, but the municipal government is often overlooked in the curriculum as they vary per region. City School would fill this void, by providing youth with a hands-on learning experience about civic issues.

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