Celebrate Earth Day!

Written by Renmart Buhay, a Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology student.

As this month marks the annual Earth Day celebration on April 22, I encourage you to give back to our planet, learn more about our environment, and do the things that you love to do in nature. To celebrate this month, some of the things I’m planning to do include hiking the Chief, working on my community garden, volunteering with environmental organizations and camping with friends. In particular, one of the events I’m looking forward to this month is attending the Earth Day Parade on April 24.

What is the Earth Day Parade?

Since 2011, Vancouver residents have been marching from Commercial Drive and Broadway to Grandview Park to celebrate the annual Earth Day Parade. The Earth Day Parade has drawn thousands of people where participants are able to hear from speakers, musicians, visit booths from environmental organizations and come together as a community to learn and be more aware of climate issues. What makes the event so inspiring is that it is organized and originates from the leadership students of Windermere Secondary School. I am always inspired community events like this that empower young people to take action towards environmental issues.

Though finals are approaching, I encourage you to spend some quality time outdoors to enjoy our planet Earth. Let’s continue to celebrate Earth Day throughout this month!


Happy Earth Day Celebrations from the Embark Blogging Team! 

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