Artemis Aerial Imaging

The purpose of this project is to help farmers reduce resources required for optimal growth on their land. Fixed-wing UAV can fly long distances to survey land, and gather critical information with target-recognition technology to provide recommendations based on aerial imaging. This can potentially help farmers with the early recognition of infected plants to reduce the use of treatments and optimize water consumption for irrigation. UAVs can fly lower than traditional helicopters and use much less resources (fuel & human capital) which can increase the frequency of land-surveying. Frequent monitoring of the land will lead to a better understanding of farming processes, which can then be optimized.

Impact Goal 1: Reduce necessary farming resources
We will continue to build, measure and learn based on the feedback we receive from farmers. Our goal is that with each flight and image analysis we learn something, so that we can continue improving our software which will aid us in reducing necessary treatments and levels of irrigation for farmers.

Impact Goal 2: Help local farmers be more competitive in global agriculture market
If farmers save money using our system, those savings can be passed onto our communities to encourage buying local produce. We have been quantifying the damage done by disease to the farms of the farmers we are chatting with and there is a huge opportunity. We will measure the impact of using our system by tracking money saved from disease protection as well as the cost saving from the reduction of treatments to farms.

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