A Ripple Effect

Written by Rebecca, a Communications student fascinated with the sharing economy.

When I was sitting in a church sermon yesterday, my pastor said something that really inspired me:

"[They] changed lives because their lives were changed."

Even though she was talking about evangelicalism, this got me thinking about all the times that my life and/or perspectives have been changed, regardless of whether or not my experiences were religious. For example, in one of my earlier posts, I wrote about a start up social enterprise that I worked with, called go2gether. I found the idea of creating a database to find convenient carpool matches for participating members at SFU genius. I really think that this idea has the potential to catch on and do great things to solve problems like congestion and social isolation. I was also really inspired by the CEO, who is a Beedie alumni. She was extremely determined to make her idea succeed, even though there are many social stigmas attached to carpooling, such as distrust towards a stranger.

I imagine that many students going through university have the same worries as me: What can my degree do for me in terms of finding a career? What if I can't find a job that I like? What if I don't even find a job? Did I just waste four years and a fortune?

Working with go2gether has changed my life as it got me to think outside the box. Prior, I was thinking about becoming a lawyer or a teacher, something safe. But now, I'm thinking about a career in entrepreneurship since I want a job that allows me to promote sustainable lifestyles, be creative, and be in control of my own life. This totally fits that criteria! The possibilities are endless; I won't be restricted to a courtroom or a classroom. I'll be able to focus on an area of sustainability, such as food waste, and positively impact the individuals that my enterprise is able to help. I want to change lives because mine has been changed.

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