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At Embark, we believe students are capable of creating real change. That's why we run several programs at the university level that engage the student body. Here's what we do:

Learning Garden

We run a Learning Garden that provides members of the university community with the tools, space, and know-how to grow and harvest their own produce.

Food Rescue

Across the globe, we throw out approximately half the food we produce. This has major implications for the environment and food security. That's why we are running Food Rescue – a food recovery program at SFU Burnaby that collects and redistributes edible produce that would have otherwise been thrown out.

Peer Program

To be changemakers, students need to be trained in several key areas, from navigating communication channels to understanding the legal boundaries of protesting. We provide the essential training that will help students become sustainability leaders.


We believe some of the best ideas come from the bottom-up. That's why we dedicate $12,500 each year to two different granting programs that students can seek funding from to bring their sustainability initiative one step closer to reality.


Don't forget – in addition to our ongoing programs, we run active active campaigns that seek to make a difference. Check them out.

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